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Bead and Metal Paper Clip Chain Layered Necklace

Bead and Metal Paper Clip Chain Layered Necklace

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The Bead and Metal Paper Clip Link Layered Necklace is an elegant piece of jewelry combining clear disc beads with a gold paperclip link chain. Here's a detailed description:

- **Necklace Length**: The overall length of the necklace is 16 inches, with an additional 2.5-inch extension to adjust the fit.
- **Decor Size**: The decorative component measures 2 inches in length.
- **Beads and Chain**: The necklace features clear disc beads, which are faceted to reflect light and add sparkle. These beads are paired with a gold paperclip link chain, known for its rectangular, elongated links.
- **Layered Design**: The necklace has a layered design, providing a multi-strand appearance that enhances its visual appeal.
- **Material Compliance**: The necklace adheres to lead and nickel compliance standards, ensuring it is safe for those with metal allergies.

This blend of clear beads and gold links makes the necklace a versatile and stylish accessory for various occasions, offering both elegance and a touch of modernity.

• Necklace Size : 16" + 2.5" L
• Decor Size : 2" L
• Lead and Nickel Compliant

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